Actively Managed Investments

Building on what we know.

Much of our experience and expertise is owning and managing companies that revolve around construction, heavy duty industrial equipment and manufacturing. So, our initial investments will be in those industries. Here are a few examples of recent investments:

Alternative Investments

Building on new opportunities.

Diversification being one of the soundest methods of investment, we see great value and promise in branching out from our core areas of famililarity to exciting new business categories of investment:

  • Harbinger EV Chassis
    Long Beach, CA

  • Fergus Reinsurance Limited
    Hamilton, Bermuda

  • Morgan Multi-Family

  • Sally Port
    Corporate M&A

  • Tri-C Resources
    Houston, TX

  • Verdad Partners LP México O&G Hospitality

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin

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